Our Home Is Burning Environmental Audiovisual show (UK, Denmark, Pacific)


The project

Concept creation, production, project management, music composition, live audiovisual performances (VJing and music), partnerships creation.


The challenge 

Coco Ding Ding created partnerships with numerous NGOs and award winning films:

Care International, Greenpeace, Global Vision International, CO2 Solidaire, Oxfam, Water Aid, the award winning feature film "A crude Awakening: the oil crash" (8 awards worldwide) and many more, including audiovisual content and artists.

Our Home Is Burning was named official partner of the program Sustainable Energy Europe program from the European Union (EU).


The solution

For this project Coco Ding Ding created an innovative concept: a one hour live environmental audiovisual show combining live VJing (live video mixing) and music based on a number of environmental topics, while partnering with more than a dozen NGOs, artists, and award winning film producers.


Our Home is Burning was invited for live performances (VJing and music) in England, in Denmark (Copenhagen) and in the Pacific.





Audiovisual piece: "Oil Discovery"







More info on www.ourhomeisburning.com

Thanks to all the partners.


"Our Home Is Burning" was created by Coco Ding Ding Audiovisuals



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