System design for 9 screens triggered by 9 computers for a Devlin music video (Universal Music)


The challenge

Our client asked us to design an IT solution enabling to synchronise 9 different videos for this project.



The solution

We created a specific solution to synchronise and send the 9 videos simultaneously to 9 different screen, using 9 computers all linked together. The videos were then synchronised using an Android Smartphone just for fun.


Or click on this link to watch the video:  


The crew

Director: Jimi Crayon

9 screen pre edit: Dave Graham

Editor: Dave Graham

DOP: Sam Goldie

Art Direction: Ben Lack

AV Tech: Matt Hourteillan Coco Ding Ding

Post: Iain Welland

Producer: Adam Farley

Exec Producer: Bridie Woodward

Comissioned by Spring69.



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