Video production and digital advertising for the book "I want to change" (Matt Taylor)


The challenge

Our client, The Matt Taylor Experience, asked us to advertise the launch of his new book on



The solution

We produced a video and took care of all the necessary phases in-house: concept creation, film shoot, special effects, music production, music synchronisation, and post production.

On top of this, we developed a digital advertising campaign to generate traffic towards the Amazon page.


Book available on



The team

Produced by Coco Ding Ding

Original idea and script by Coco Ding Ding

Post production, VJing and video effects by Coco Ding Ding (thanks to Dor Wand)

Actor: Varial

Music by Matsai (label: Coco Ding Ding Music)


Commissioned by The Matt Taylor Experience 



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