Live Camera for VJing for the Light Surgeons at the D&AD awards for Chew Lips


The project

D&AD Awards 2010 (Directors and Artistic Directors Awards) at The Roundhouse, London (Camden Town)


The challenge

Chris Allen from the Light Surgeons offered us to participate to the performance for a nappearance for live Camera for VJing for the band Chew Lips.

Visual performance directed by the Light Surgeons



The team

Live VJing and Direction: Christopher Thomas Allen (Light Surgeons founder)

Live Camera: Mathieu Hourteillan (Coco Ding Ding Audiovisuals)

Processing software and programming: Olivier Ruellet

Producer: Aline Ceresole

Live video mixer: Vixid VJX16-4 lent for free by Mat Hourteillan (Coco Ding Ding)

Thanks very much to Christopher Thomas Allen for his invitation.


Directed by the Light Surgeons



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