Coldcut "Energy Union" Tour


The project

Energy Union is an environmental multimedia project performed live with music, and shown accross Europe, thanks to some funding from the European Union and some partners including Friends of The Earth Europe.


The challenge

Our client, Ninja Tune (who created Energy Union), asked us to participate to the Energy Union project both to help fill up some forms on the administrative side in order to get some funding from the European Union; and to tour with Energy Union and be in charge of live cameras and how they fit into the VJing on some concerts, including the opening one in Germany (Munich), and on the tour across Eastern Europe.


The solution

We worked on the application for the European Union funding, to provide help and guidance to fill up the forms to get the €1.2 Million funding from the EU thanks to this wonderful project and the great team that was behind. It was a pleasure to participate to this Ninja Tune project.

A year later once the funding was obtained, we helped with the live filming for the real time VJing across Europe (2009):
-We managed the integration of the filming into the video mixer: what effects on the video mixer, management of the lights on the strings quartet that was being filmed, positioning of the cameras on stage, positioning of the strings quartet on stage to optimise the result.


As a result, we were part of the tour across Europe (4 persons including 2 on stage) for 2009

We then advised on how to make the film become a live performance: how to add a live VJing side to the visual mix.



Audiovisual tour in:

Vienna (Austria)

Munich (Germany)

Bratislava (Slovakia)

Budapest (Hungary)

Kosice (Slovakia)

Pecs (Hungary)

Graz (Austria)


The team

WIP Renewable Energies, Munich

Ninja Tune, London - Audiovisual Live Show by Coldcut

Friends of the Earth Europe, Brussels

BrightonArt, Brighton

EREC (European Renewable Energy Council), Brussels  Intelligent Energy Expert

Full credits here:


Commissioned by Energy Union and Ninja Tune




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