Photoshoot for Nissan with Minister of Business Mark Prisk.


The project

The "H2 Mobility conference" was organised by the Bristish Government about the new generation of Hydrogen (H2) engines, featuring the British Minister of State for Business and Enterprise Mark Prisk and Nissan's Vice President Jerry Hardcastle.


The challenge 

Our client, Nissan, commisionned us to be their official photographer at this event, to cover not only their brand, but the whole event.



The result 

Please find more pictures from this event at the Royal Society, featuring Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Air Liquide and many more, all working together in perfect harmony and respect for each other to save the planet.


Click here to see the photos of the H2 Mobility Conference at the Royal Society


IMG_1238+ Jerry Hardcastle and Mark Prisk - Stand Nissan 2 _DSC0198 2++ _DSC0300++  Jerry Hardcastle and Mark Prisk - Conference table - cut3 _DSC0280+ _DSC0240+ab _DSC0348++ab _DSC0349++ab _DSC0421+ab _DSC0431 _DSC0397 cut 8 _DSC0656 cab 9 - edge + B&W + smart sharpen _DSC0456+ab Mark Prisk in Hydrogen Cab _DSC0493+ _DSC0535+ab _DSC0555+ab _DSC0527++ab - autotone autocolour smart sharpen _DSC0504+ab 5- autocolour + autocontrast + smart sharpen + cut - ++ _DSC0198 _DSC0200 _DSC0209 _DSC0212 _DSC0329 Conference group photo - official BisGovUK picture


Commissioned by Nissan



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