Audiovisual Production (Showreel)



We offer:

Video content production, live video mixing (VJing), audiovisual / interactive media installations, and music composition for video.

We have worked in over 10 countries: England, France, Germany, Italy, India, New Caledonia (Pacific), Denmark etc






Video content production

  Filming, video editing, promo videos, videos for social media, viral videos, corporate videos, music videos, documentariesadvertising, 3D holographic content


Live video mixing (VJing)

  Visual projectionsVJing for events, launches, premieres, audiovisual performances, live visual mixing with cameras3D holographic projections


Music for video

  Music composition, production, sound mixing, mastering, synchronisation to match audio content to video content


Audiovisual / Interactive media installations

 Display systems on several screens (10 for example), similar or all different, using smartphones, for events, experiential marketing, shops etc


User Experience (UX / UI)

We have worked with a number of companies on their UX design, User Interface, and Graphic Interface (for a competitor of the Google Glass).

We also have taught User Experience for one trimester to masters students in a business school.



Universal Island - Coco Ding Ding     Watchmen - Coco Ding Ding VJing    BBC - This Is England launch - Eleven Fifty Five - Coco Ding Ding  



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