live camera

D&AD 2010 - Visual performance by the Light Surgeons for Chew Lips (Live camera for VJing by Coco Ding Ding)

Live Camera for VJing for the Light Surgeons at the D&AD awards for Chew Lips

D&AD Awards 2010 (Directors and Artistic Directors Awards)
Energy Union - Munich - Coco Ding Ding Ninja Tune

Coldcut "Energy Union" Tour

Helped fill up the application for European Union funding. Resulted in a 1.2 Million € EU budget. Part of the tour across Europe (4 persons including 2 on stage) for 2009. Advised on how to make the film become a live performance.
National Film Theatre

Bicentenary of Darwin's birth: National Film Theatre

Creation and production of live VJing performances featuring dancers and art installations. Live VJing performance: using only cameras, and no previously recorded material.

Video production / live video mixing (VJing) for a subsidiary of NewsCorp (NDS)

Digital video content production, VJing (live video mixing) with cameras. Video content production inspired by Avatar. Commissioned by NDS, a subsidiary of NewsCorp (producer of Avatar).
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