Screen projections for Toshiba tablet TV advertising (USA, Canada)

The project 

 Audiovisual system design for a TV advertising shoot for Toshiba (TV advertising campaign aired in North America during Summer 2011)



The challenge

Our client asked us to design and implementat a system to synchronise 10 high-end TV monitors from Toshiba (the latest Internet 3D TV LCD monitors) for a film shoot for the launch of the new Toshiba Tablet: TV advertising campaign to be aired in North America Summer 2011.




"Thank you so much, you've done an amazing job The Director and the Producer and the Director of Photography have seen how you've done and said it's amazing. so I've called the advertising agency and they're very happy with that, so well done. Thank you very much".

"Everybody saw what you did today and you have obviously done an amazing job! Thank you so much All the key heads of the department loved what you have done".

Polly Leach, Production company Line Manager



The team

Commissioned by - who produced the Absolut Vodka TV add featuring Kanye West ; and the Nike TV add featuring Agassi, Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong.

Director: Ulf Johansson

Producer: Philippa Smith



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